Name and tracklist of Strynn’s new album

Hail all the mental alienation victims (not connected with what will follow, not at all we said).
The tradition is to let out informations about an album one by one, so, we want to do like all the big black metal bands, to be celebrities. We reveal today, in avant-première, the name of our future album and the tracklist \o/.

Well, we know that you prefer to listen to it or use it like a table mat, but for the moment, we have nothing to do that, so you have to do with what you have (a useless information and approximate musical tastes).

Our future album will be called Alienation (do you get the connection with the beginning? Get it?) and will contain 11 songs for a total duration of about 50 minutes (a great swindle compared to the price of this shit). Here is the tracklist :

  • 01 Anthropophobia
  • 02 Sadistic
  • 03 Pyroclastic
  • 04 Obliteration
  • 05 Desolation
  • 06 Scourge
  • 07 Plague
  • 08 Perdition
  • 09 Reminiscence
  • 10 Anamnesis
  • 11 Jailed

Well, well.. if you want more, we have 2 pre-prod available somewhere.

Show @ Le Point Bar 01/03/2014

01032014I’m late but I don’t care.

We play the 01/03/2014 at Point Bar (in Charente, at Vallet) with Cörrupt (crust, France (La Rochelle)) and Silver Machine (heavy metal, France (Jonzac)).

Begin at 21h30, it’s free (except fuel), and that’s all.

More details here.

Bass incoming

BassPlayerEvening you bunch of shits,

I initially wanted to wish you a happy new year and everything, but then I remembered that no, we’re too dark and evil for that so, you can all go and fuck yourselves.

Yeah, so, as I don’t always post pointlessly, this is the introduction of our new bass. It was delivered with a guy who said he was a bassist : Arzhkrug (you pronounce it as it reads, after 4 or 5 tries).

Voilà, so, as per usual: concerts etc blablabla nobody cares fuck off.


Hey you shitty music amateurs!

Today is going to be a special announcement as we have finally resumed our roots and have hired a bagpipe for Strynn!
Ok. Now you can put away your torches or burn something other than our faces.

So, as I was saying, Strynn now has a bassist *Osprey cry* After having thought about the negatives for a long time, certain songs sound way better (or worse, it’s a question of point of view) with the solely 4 stringed instrument (the weak one).
Voila, we have now become a little more mainstream. Taking away our last touch of originality, we’re giving you another reason to hate us.

Anyway, it cleary won’t stop me from spitting on bassists (at least we were lucky enough to fall upon a talented one!)

Show @ Bootleg 15/02/2014

affiche_bootleg_20140215Hail hipsters !

We play the 15th of february for a rotten show with Aequinoctium Sanguinis and Belenos at Bordeaux (at well named showroom Bootleg).

For the occasion, because we played with a lesser bad band as the others, we changed our setlist to play a lot of new songs, if you are not interested, I understand. For the others, you can get more informations on the Facebook event.

For now, you have nothing more.

We’re not dead yet !

Hai !

It spend a long time since we posted a news but unfortunately for your ears, we are not dead yet.

For the moment we pretend to work on our next work (well, a CD with noise written on it). Only 2 songs to compose to have an acceptable thing, the album will last about 40 min et we will probably be more ‘ambiant’ and dissonant. Well, that’s only our opinion, maybe you will be think it is more brutal and melodious but in this case you will probably need to consult a doctor.

Otherwise, little reminder for the one who sleep at the back, we play on december 14th with Waldschrat and Parjure in Bordeaux at Black Room.

That’s all, you can come back to your normal activities.

Show @ Le Black Room 14/12/2013

BlackRoom20131214Hail !

Because a good / bad new never comes alone, we announce you a show with tributes to Scandinavian Black Metal.

So we will play the 14th of december, 2013 with Waldschart (Austria) and Parjure (France), which play a good black metal, it’s pretty rare today.

That’s all for now, no more details, but at least you have enough time to find an excuse and not come.

So, see you later bitches !

EDIT 24/10/2013 : More details here.