Strynn – Anguish (Bass Playthrough)

Hail invertebrates !

A little post to say “Hey ! We still alive !”. The studio comes quickly and the second album too (in theory…), so you can be happy (or not, if you are normal people).
By the way, if you’re on Twitter, we’ll try to make an awesome LiveTweet about the studio, so you can follow us (on Twitter, right ?) at “Anadrark”, “Dwimorberg_”, “Obscurisis” and Akrrsajklfjklea “Arzh_” (the last two are a little bit useless).

Also, our bass player, Arkhzoerzjokfziohmvj, in his great goodness, has made a beautiful video when he show you the bass he compose for Anguish.

So… we let a bassist 4 minutes alone and… he make… whatever.

Enjoy ! (or not)