The endless break

Hey metalols, We miss you ? No ? Then there is a good news !

Strynn is on break for undetermined time, our bass player decided to make something better and the motivation has gone far far away.

More seriously, the next album is composed, but the recording will not happen soon.

Meanwhile, Archean has born. Nothing to say yet, we composed some shit, we’ll come soon for recording, and with luck, we’ll do something you like. Or not. Actually i’m sure you don’t.

Get the fuck away now.

Physical release of live at Salem

Hi tasteless men and women !
We inform you that the live at Salem of the 28/02/2015 is out today on tape on Fuck The Underground Records.
You can order it by contacting the label at fucktheunderground at anadrark dot com or contacting us directly or spamming Anadrark for 3 euros.
If you don’t want it, you can of course spam Anadrark anyway, it’ll be his pleasure.

Alienation preorder

Hail metalol !

It’s coming, finally, after months of waiting and thinking about suicide, because your musical tastes are fucking horrible, Strynn second album, Alienation, is available on preorder o/.

For a very low amount of money (10€), you can wait the 13th of march to make all of your friends deaf.

Here you can give your cash. Otherwise you can ask us, in case you want a sign from talented musicians (according to this (in french)) of this amazing band (warning, we can add one or two zero on the final price).

That’s all. Get out now.

Discover five minutes after us the Alienation’s cover

Sent, approved, published.

Because we like to share (except for the “musical” content of this album, which is currently reserved for the elite), we publish the cover of our future album, made by Emeline the talented. The album will be (apparently) out at the end of december, so you can give a present to the ones you don’t like.


That’s all.
Stay at home and continue to listen shitty music.


Strynn – Anguish (Bass Playthrough)

Hail invertebrates !

A little post to say “Hey ! We still alive !”. The studio comes quickly and the second album too (in theory…), so you can be happy (or not, if you are normal people).
By the way, if you’re on Twitter, we’ll try to make an awesome LiveTweet about the studio, so you can follow us (on Twitter, right ?) at “Anadrark”, “Dwimorberg_”, “Obscurisis” and Akrrsajklfjklea “Arzh_” (the last two are a little bit useless).

Also, our bass player, Arkhzoerzjokfziohmvj, in his great goodness, has made a beautiful video when he show you the bass he compose for Anguish.

So… we let a bassist 4 minutes alone and… he make… whatever.

Enjoy ! (or not)

Name and tracklist of Strynn’s new album

Hail all the mental alienation victims (not connected with what will follow, not at all we said).
The tradition is to let out informations about an album one by one, so, we want to do like all the big black metal bands, to be celebrities. We reveal today, in avant-première, the name of our future album and the tracklist \o/.

Well, we know that you prefer to listen to it or use it like a table mat, but for the moment, we have nothing to do that, so you have to do with what you have (a useless information and approximate musical tastes).

Our future album will be called Alienation (do you get the connection with the beginning? Get it?) and will contain 11 songs for a total duration of about 50 minutes (a great swindle compared to the price of this shit). Here is the tracklist :

  • 01 Anthropophobia
  • 02 Sadistic
  • 03 Pyroclastic
  • 04 Obliteration
  • 05 Desolation
  • 06 Scourge
  • 07 Plague
  • 08 Perdition
  • 09 Reminiscence
  • 10 Anamnesis
  • 11 Jailed

Well, well.. if you want more, we have 2 pre-prod available somewhere.

Bass incoming

BassPlayerEvening you bunch of shits,

I initially wanted to wish you a happy new year and everything, but then I remembered that no, we’re too dark and evil for that so, you can all go and fuck yourselves.

Yeah, so, as I don’t always post pointlessly, this is the introduction of our new bass. It was delivered with a guy who said he was a bassist : Arzhkrug (you pronounce it as it reads, after 4 or 5 tries).

Voilà, so, as per usual: concerts etc blablabla nobody cares fuck off.