Name and tracklist of Strynn’s new album

Hail all the mental alienation victims (not connected with what will follow, not at all we said).
The tradition is to let out informations about an album one by one, so, we want to do like all the big black metal bands, to be celebrities. We reveal today, in avant-première, the name of our future album and the tracklist \o/.

Well, we know that you prefer to listen to it or use it like a table mat, but for the moment, we have nothing to do that, so you have to do with what you have (a useless information and approximate musical tastes).

Our future album will be called Alienation (do you get the connection with the beginning? Get it?) and will contain 11 songs for a total duration of about 50 minutes (a great swindle compared to the price of this shit). Here is the tracklist :

  • 01 Anthropophobia
  • 02 Sadistic
  • 03 Pyroclastic
  • 04 Obliteration
  • 05 Desolation
  • 06 Scourge
  • 07 Plague
  • 08 Perdition
  • 09 Reminiscence
  • 10 Anamnesis
  • 11 Jailed

Well, well.. if you want more, we have 2 pre-prod available somewhere.