Show @ Salem 04/03/2017

concert-20170304More than a year without any news, we imagine the joy on your face when you’re thinking “Maybe they stop music, if music is the right word…”.

Sorry, we still here, ready to make your ears bleed.

Anyway, we play the 04/03/2017 at Salem (Le Haillan, France) at 20h30 with two true musical bands, Temple of Baal (“Religious Black Death Cult”) and Merrimack (Black Metal)
Entry cost : 12€

For more details about the show, I advice you to not come.
If we will, you can find all the details on Facebook.


Show of January 2015

Hail listeners of shitty music

Rapid listing of the shows with Waldschrat of January 2015, in the east / south-east of France.

The 23/01, we play at Lyon with Myrkvid (and Waldschrat, stay focused) (Details).
The 24/01, we play at Nommay with Myrkvid, Udyr (and Waldschrat) (Details).
And finally, the 25/01, we play at Nice with Fir Bolg (and Waldschrat) (Details).

I put the details here later, but we play the 07/03 at St Aiguilin (in Charente-Maritime).
And of course, the album will come soon (I hope so…)

So, that’s all. Get out of here.

Show @ Le Point Bar 01/03/2014

01032014I’m late but I don’t care.

We play the 01/03/2014 at Point Bar (in Charente, at Vallet) with Cörrupt (crust, France (La Rochelle)) and Silver Machine (heavy metal, France (Jonzac)).

Begin at 21h30, it’s free (except fuel), and that’s all.

More details here.

Show @ Bootleg 15/02/2014

affiche_bootleg_20140215Hail hipsters !

We play the 15th of february for a rotten show with Aequinoctium Sanguinis and Belenos at Bordeaux (at well named showroom Bootleg).

For the occasion, because we played with a lesser bad band as the others, we changed our setlist to play a lot of new songs, if you are not interested, I understand. For the others, you can get more informations on the Facebook event.

For now, you have nothing more.

Show @ Le Black Room 14/12/2013

BlackRoom20131214Hail !

Because a good / bad new never comes alone, we announce you a show with tributes to Scandinavian Black Metal.

So we will play the 14th of december, 2013 with Waldschart (Austria) and Parjure (France), which play a good black metal, it’s pretty rare today.

That’s all for now, no more details, but at least you have enough time to find an excuse and not come.

So, see you later bitches !

EDIT 24/10/2013 : More details here.

Forest Fest part II

ForestFestPartII-flyerHail black pandas !

The 2nd edition of Forest Fest (only black metal bitches), organized by the association ‘La Horde Sequane’ takes place the 8th of April 2013 at Blamont (France).

The ticket cost 10,00€ (~$13,00), you can reserve it (places are limited) by the association’s mail :



We play with a black metal horde :

That’s all, hope you will break your leg just before you come.

I will post the visual later.

More infos on association’s page.

P.S. : And don’t forget, Decadence will come out the 15th of April 2013 (give us some money)