Hey you shitty music amateurs!

Today is going to be a special announcement as we have finally resumed our roots and have hired a bagpipe for Strynn!
Ok. Now you can put away your torches or burn something other than our faces.

So, as I was saying, Strynn now has a bassist *Osprey cry* After having thought about the negatives for a long time, certain songs sound way better (or worse, it’s a question of point of view) with the solely 4 stringed instrument (the weak one).
Voila, we have now become a little more mainstream. Taking away our last touch of originality, we’re giving you another reason to hate us.

Anyway, it cleary won’t stop me from spitting on bassists (at least we were lucky enough to fall upon a talented one!)

We’re not dead yet !

Hai !

It spend a long time since we posted a news but unfortunately for your ears, we are not dead yet.

For the moment we pretend to work on our next work (well, a CD with noise written on it). Only 2 songs to compose to have an acceptable thing, the album will last about 40 min et we will probably be more ‘ambiant’ and dissonant. Well, that’s only our opinion, maybe you will be think it is more brutal and melodious but in this case you will probably need to consult a doctor.

Otherwise, little reminder for the one who sleep at the back, we play on december 14th with Waldschrat and Parjure in Bordeaux at Black Room.

That’s all, you can come back to your normal activities.

New song : Plague

Hail black metalhead,

Some news.. No i’m kidding. Just a teaser of our new material, with Plague, recorded on rehearsal with a trve sound.

That’s all. Get out.

Forest Fest part II + Interview for In Extremis

Hail black metalhead,

It was spent a long time since we have write something, here are the last news:

We were at the Forest Fest part II this week-end, apparently we make an awesome show, ambiance of the fest was very very cool. I think I can say in name of Strynn that we will come back with pleasure. A huge thank for the organisation (La Horde Séquane), for their welcome and the rest (means… the organisation)

So, we answered an interview too, for a french paper magazine lovely named In Extremis (if you want to order it, contact the editor at : extremis666@hotmail.com), with the agreement of editor, we can put online the scan of the interview and the review, so we did it :


We also have a video interview on work, it will probably be WTF.

That’s all folks !

Live report of march the 16th

Hail blackmetalheads !

A live report on the night of the 16th of march 2013 at Black Room has been published recently, it’s here (in french).

Some interviews are in preparation and will be published soon. We will talk about that later.

In bonus, a video of Paris Poppin’s show, the 28th of April 2013.

That’s all for the moment. Get out !

Decadence album is out


First album of Strynn, Decadence is available to order (i’m late ? Fuck you !)

You can order it where you can pre-order it, at Mortis Humanae Production (contact info@mortishumanae.com), cost 9,00€ (~12$) or at Le Crepuscule du Soir for 11,00€ (~14$), shipping include.

You can also try to contact us, but sincerely, I think we say “Fuck you bastard” (we have only a few items…)

And don’t forget to not come this week-end for Paris’ show.

Decadence review

Hail beggar,

Today a news to say that the norwegian Webzine Skullfucker (this name is fucking good) made our first album review. The review is readable here.

To fill a little the sidereal void of the news, I suggest you to see the gallery of our last show on Saturday , that was so cool and we had a good laugh.

Here we are, you can come back to your normal life.

P.S. : This news can be updated if we found another reviews.

EDIT : New review, this time on Orthodox Black Metal.

EDIT 15/04/2013 : New review again, on Metal Soundscapes.

EDIT 16/04/2013 : Infernal Masquerade Webzine

EDIT 02/05/2013 : New review : Pest Webzine (you must scroll down)

EDIT 02/05/2013 : I stop update this article, I update the album page now..

Decadence pre-order

Hail everyone,flyers A6 vertical + description eng copie low-res

You can right now pre-order Strynn’s album Decadence. Contact Mortis Humanae Productions at info@mortishumanae.com and lose 9,00€ (~12$) or at Crepuscule du Soir for 11,00€ (~14$, shipping included). Or not pre-order it, for 0,00€ (~0$).

On your left, you can see the promotionnal flyers, so take it, download it, print it, share it, eat it, …

Ok, it’s done. Get out.

EDIT : Come back assholes, we give you a second flyer, from Le Crepuscule du Soir, which is so awesome too, do the same with this one.


EDIT 2 : Fuck ! A second edit for a third flyer, with our face on it, that’s over.


EDIT 3 : Last edit to say you can pre-order Decadence on Crepuscule du Soir website. If you not want pre-order it, do the same as all other day of your life.