Decadence review

Hail beggar,

Today a news to say that the norwegian Webzine Skullfucker (this name is fucking good) made our first album review. The review is readable here.

To fill a little the sidereal void of the news, I suggest you to see the gallery of our last show on Saturday , that was so cool and we had a good laugh.

Here we are, you can come back to your normal life.

P.S. : This news can be updated if we found another reviews.

EDIT : New review, this time on Orthodox Black Metal.

EDIT 15/04/2013 : New review again, on Metal Soundscapes.

EDIT 16/04/2013 : Infernal Masquerade Webzine

EDIT 02/05/2013 : New review : Pest Webzine (you must scroll down)

EDIT 02/05/2013 : I stop update this article, I update the album page now..